Laurel Brittney Tallman cheated on me while my mother was dying in the hospital.

Edited recently due to a name change. Her name was formally Brittney Callahan.

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4 years after a bad breakup I finally found my next girlfriend. I’ve never been with anyone this amazing to me in my life. She’s cute, smart, and a very hard worker. She wants to do things with me that no other girl I’ve ever been with wanted to do like ride bikes in a different town every single weekend. She cooked with me and we never argued. We sat down one day and planned out-of-town trips for a weekend every month for the next several months. I already paid for everything and was looking forward to our trips together. I thought this one was going to be the one. I couldn’t imagine any other woman being the mother of my children.

After seeing each other for some time and having countless adventures together, my mom’s health started to decline. My mother was taken to the hospital when she collapsed in Goodwill (a thrift store) while shopping. They had given me a timeline of when they expect her to pass away.

The day my mom was admitted to the hospital I rushed from work to go see her. When I got there she said hey and then started to cough up a lot of blood. It was all over her hospital gown and face. This is not how you want to see your mother. I was quickly rushed out of the room by a nurse so they could work on my mom. In a panic and with the childhood death of my father fresh in my mind at this moment, I reached out to my girlfriend for someone to talk to. Her texts were short. The phone call was sent straight to voice mail. No worries. She’s busy. “She’s a social worker and they are always busy.” Is what I thought.

Over the next couple of weeks her not reciprocating any affection but still allowing me to buy her things, food, and work on her landscaping, the truth finally came out.

On Saturday I spent the entire day working in her yard. Laying border stones, digging up bushes, and planting things. The next day we were supposed to drive to a neighboring town with our bikes in tow to ride a rail trail we’d never ridden before. I asked if she wanted me to spend the night at her home or if she wanted to spend the night at mine so that we could head out early in the morning. She told me that she wanted to sleep in her own bed alone due to the amount lack of sleep she’s gotten that week. She also said that she was going to eat with her mom and her mom’s house that night and then go to bed at home. She would see me early at my house the next morning.

Sunday morning rolled around and she calls me. Told me the plans had changed. Said that she had to put all this out there at once and that she had been over at an ex-boyfriend’s house that lives over an hour away from her that night having a “beer”. This was the first time that she had been there in years and they were just catching up on old times. We weren’t going to be able to ride now because her car was vandalized.

In that audio clip, she is talking to her mom. Her mom asked if I knew she was seeing Tom and if we were both OK being “friends with benefits”. I did not know she was sleeping with Tom. She told me she only visited him to have a beer. She lied about that as well before she was forced to come clean that she went to his house. Remember she told me she was too tired to go anywhere that evening. Not too tired to drive almost an hour away to “have a beer”.

Below is the audio that was sent to me by someone she knew. It’s her talking about how she doesn’t have time to help me deal with my dying mother.

Brittney Laurel Helms Callahan's Car
Rear Of Brittney Callahan's Car
Brittney Callahan's Slashed Tire

In these pictures is her car in the ex-boyfriend’s driveway. Apparently, a jealous lover of his knew who she was and knew what they were doing in his house. She swears that they weren’t having sex. Even said that his kids were there and she wouldn’t if they were. I demanded that she have Tom call me but either he wouldn’t talk to me or she didn’t want to have him call me to confirm their relationship together.

Well fast forward a little bit. I had figured out that she’s been there 3 times at least in the past 7 days. She doesn’t realize that she has geolocation turned on and with the EXIF metadata in a selfie, she sent while I was texting her last Wednesday I was able to figure out that she was in his driveway. She was waiting for him because as soon as he got there she stopped texting for 2 and a half hours.

Another thing. This person that is attacking her also posted a nasty message pointing out her lover’s and her cheating behavior to her employer. This post was 6 hours before she was caught there while I was working with her in her yard. Funny how she hadn’t been there in years but this random person knew she was going there.

Stupid me didn’t piece all this together until that day. That day my mom flat-lined. They were able to resuscitate her. My girlfriend or now ex-girlfriend was once again AWOL.

Right then I need someone. I have a very small support group. My mom will be the last family member in this country I can talk to. In the end, it didn’t matter. I lost my mom and buried her alone. Brittney stole the mourning period I should have had for my mother. That is something I will carry with me until the day I die.

I lost what I had once thought was the love of my life and my mother around the same time.
This is the saddest period of my life and I feel like she’s broken a good man.
So now she has moved on. Gets to date her ex and have sex with him. Hang out and be loved by his family. While I got to go watch my mom die alone.

Let this be a warning to anyone who wants to date Brittney in the future. This is how she is. One day she’ll sit you down and talk you into paying for a bunch of trips together like you have some kind of future together. The next day she will just starts sleeping with another man without warning. I made the mistake of thinking she would be there for me through the worst time of my life. Date her at your own risk.

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89 thoughts on “Laurel Brittney Tallman cheated on me while my mother was dying in the hospital.”

  1. woah what a slutty bitch
    I hate those types of girl
    As if one guy wasn’t enough for her
    I’d rather have someone then none at all but this bitch is living on the edge cheating with other men

  2. Honestly bro I know it sucks, it really sucks. There will be a time to feel sad, but you need to do what every man has to do in their lifetime. Suffer in silence.
    The most important thing for you to realize at this very moment is that everything will be okay. Forget about the past, forget about your previous relationship and move on. Pump iron, join Yoga, go on a long journey perhaps, reach new heights, work hard and move on.
    Least you can do is make your mama proud and rest easy by dedicating your life towards a vision she would’ve wanted to see it.
    Take care bro.

  3. I’ve been cheated on. I was married and I found out he was sleeping with my best friend. It was horrible, one of the worst experiences of my life.
    The best advice I can give you is cut all contact. Remove any memory of her – delete all photos, erase her from your phone – block her from ALL social media. Make it impossible for her to contact you at all. If you have anything of hers, throw it away.
    Do NOT let her play the guilt game. Don’t give her any chance to make up bullshit. Just cut contact entirely. Then focus on your family.
    Don’t become bitter. I hated everyone after. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. I started drinking heavily.
    Get help if you need it – go to therapy, talk with a friend. Take care of yourself.

  4. Heavy dude. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been through something similar, so I can relate about how you feel right now.

  5. Fuck her. My ex wife cheated on me while my grandfather was in the hospital dying. Sat with me through the funeral and consoled me, the whole time sitting on her secret. You’ll never know why someone could be such a piece of shit, and you probably don’t want were simply collateral damage in her war against herself. Move on, and live your best life knowing you are better off and your mom wants you to realize that you deserve better and to be happy. Just because she doesn’t love herself doesn’t mean that you don’t have to love yourself. Best of luck!

  6. Woah, And I thought my situation was terrible. honestly fuck that bitch. Live the life the way your mom wants you to. I cannot fathom the pain you are going through. And I wish you the best of luck. Don’t let her destroy you. You really do seem like a great person. I’m sure all of us would hate to see that person go away. Keep you’re head up stranger I’m rooting for you.

  7. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I hate cliches, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe the timing wasn’t ideal, but maybe this is all coming to a head so you can begin the next chapter of your life fresh, without any distractions and can concentrate on just you.
    Obviously this girl is untrustworthy, and as I said, the timing isn’t great, but just be glad you found out now and not two years down the line. Take this as an opportunity to say goodbye to your mother, and kick your girlfriend to the curb. What comes next is entirely up to you. Just focus on you, and do whatever it is that you think would make you happy.
    I hope things work out as well as they possibly can with your mom. But you’re going to be okay. I’m rooting for you.

  8. Hey bro, your mom is not alone. She has you, and you sound like a pretty chill dude, and man fuck that rotten piece of shit that was your girlfriend. You may not see it now because of the emotional whirlwind that you’re going through, but that soulless cunt actually made you a favor. (And it will hurt for a long time before you realise it, when someone that special betrays you, you feel like someone stabbed you in the guts, in your situation, i guess it hurts 10 times more) But don’t hide it. Cry, live your hell, ask yourself the questions you need to. And when you’re ready, go forward. BUT PLEASE don’t think this is your fault, because IT ISN’T. There’s toxic and shitty people ATW, and sometimes they’re very good at hiding it and we don’t realise it.
    And don’t be afraid to try again, just because one apple was rotten, doesn’t mean the rest of the batch is.
    And about your mom, i hope that she gets better, and if not, i hope she finds peace,as well as you do and don’t worry, she knows that her son was there ’til the end, and that she raised a good man. (Moms are aware of ever even if they don’t seem present, it’s one of their super powers).
    Here’s a quote of Don Quixote (Translated) that always reminds me nothing is absolute and cheers me up a bit:
    “All these storms falling upon us are signs that the weather will soon clear and that things will go well for us, for neither good nor bad can last forever.”
    If you need to talk, hit me up via DM, and know you’re not alone, i wish you the best of luck in getting out of this rough patch . Even if we’re strangers on the internet.

  9. That’s some bullshit. I don’t have any advice because it’s just a horrible situation and I would be distraught too, but I just wanted let you know all of us here hear you and support you.

  10. Really sorry for you buddy. I’ll give you the advice my dad gave me after my worst breakup. Keep your head up, the sun will rise again tomorrow and life will get better.
    You sound like an incredible person, don’t let assholes change that!

  11. It’s better to find out her true colors now then with 2 kids and a mortgage. She is not a very good person. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, feel free to message me.

  12. I am sure your mom could not be any prouder about you. It is very hard and I think you should consider taking a break from life… like a low budget travel or camping or just visiting a friend.
    I only wish you the best. Hugs……

  13. I wish you the best my friend, karma will take care of that heartless bitch. I know its extremely difficult, but try to stay positive, cherish the time you have with your mother, tell her you love her, just do everything you can for her. You’re gonna bounce back from this man i know you will. You’ve hit rock bottom, and theres no where to go but up from here! Prayers to you and your family man.

  14. First off, screw that cunt, you deserve better dude. Right now, you have to take it easy and take time to recollect yourself. This will take a LONG TIME; I’m talking about months to maybe even a year of recovery.
    During this time you need to keep yourself healthy and your mind focused. Don’t let all this bad shit get to you. You said you had a small support group? Go to them and stay with them for as long as you need. You deserve all the help you can get. I wish you luck and remember, this sub is always here when you need to vent.

  15. If they can’t handle you in the worst moments, changes are they never really was there to begin with. ditch her, she’s toxic as fucking hell. Hope you find a better one, you deserve it 🙂

  16. I wouldn’t even write a letter to her. The best revenge you can get is completely ghosting that bitch. Shes worthless and doesnt even deserve your time it takes to write that letter. When she is reminded of why he’s her ex, she’ll be the one left alone. Im sorry to hear all of this, I know hurting is a part of the process so “getting over it” isn’t that easy. Cut all contact, block all communications. As far as your mother, appreciate the positive and happy memories that life holds. She needs you right now, so dont spend your time preoccupied thinking about a piece of shit that you’re better than. Keep betterurself, take a lesson from everything, and remember, you are better than you realize. You, we, everyone here, will make it through this.

  17. Forget her. I’m so sorryetting cheated on is the worst feeling ever. But if she’s willing to do that to you, especially while you’re going through some serious stuff with your mother, then she doesn’t deserve you in her life. We’re all on karma’s payment plan- life will have plenty of lemons for her.

  18. At least you know she’s not the one before you married her or worse had a kid with her.
    This. At least you kind of saved yourself from what could-have-been a bad future.
    It sucks OP but like the other person said here “shit people get shit back. She will get what she deserve one day. “. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be cheated on while knowing that the very last breath of your mother could be any time soon.

  19. That’s a really bad situation . All I can say is fuck that bitch. It’s going to sting for a while and especially since you’re going through dealing with your Mom’s death.
    But you’ll get over her. At least you know she’s not the one before you married her or worse had a kid with her.
    I know it sounds cliche, but you’ll find a woman one day who will love you to bits and be loyal to you.
    For now, try and forget about this cheating bitch.
    Just focus on spending time with your mom right now. Don’t even waste time and energy with a woman who clearly doesn’t give a shit about you.

  20. Jesus man thats rough. Fuck that bitch. Hope you find someone who deserves you.

  21. I would just dump her in person and tell her I know she’s sleeping with another guy if she asks for a reason. And not bother writing that letter at all. She’s not worth the energy.

  22. I’m sorry this happened to you. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel right now. Losing a loved one is beyond devastating. I can’t say I’m the best at giving advice but I’m a good listener. If you need to vent or need someone to talk to send me a message.

  23. Do not write her a letter it will just make you look weak. You owe her nothing, just move on, she’s a liar who is not worth you sulking over. Do not give her that power.

  24. HOLY SHIT. I haven’t read a story about a bigger piece of shit than your ex.
    This is the saddest period of my life and I feel like she’s broken a good man.
    I can understand this being the saddest period of your life, but she hasn’t broken shit. You will heal and overcome this. What she has done is given you a very unique, and entertaining story to tell in the future about dealing with the lowest scum of this earth. This kind of shit doesn’t happen every day. You, sir, in some backwards silver-lining way, get to now tell this story. You also get to be that guy who licked his wounds and came out on top in spite of it. You’ll feel proud of yourself one day when you look back on this.
    It takes a unique kind of strength to deal with this. Even if you don’t have that strength right now, you’ll develop it. Weeks or months later, when things start looking better for you, you’ll start seeing this. You’ll start seeing a new found strength that you never had. A strength to deal with adversity like never before.
    Something else I wanna tell you, is that people like her rarely are happy. I don’t know if this brings you any joy right now, but I can tell you that she’s not gonna have a happy future. She’s a social worker, you say? I would expect more from her kind. I would expect some top notch ethical behavior.. Not this. She’s broken. Good riddance. A horrible way to be rid of her, for sure, but good riddance nonetheless.
    Feel free to message me at any time.

  25. I am very sorry to hear… it is a very sad story. Sigh, that’s my biggest fear, to have someone you love so much betray your trust like that. I am really sorry you have to go through this. Look at the silver lining, you caught her before you’re married. It could have been worst, with 3 kids, a marriage…. that would be much more ugly. I am sending you a lot of positive vibes. I know this is very cliche to see, but things do get better. It only gets better. 🙂

  26. I’m glad she is out of your life. People have a really hard time changing, so if she does come back into your life. Make sure you greatly consider everything.
    I know I’m just that random guy on the Internet, but if you ever need someone to talk with, I’ll be there. No reason in hell you should have to go through this alone, I wish nothing but the best for you.

  27. Classic! I feel like this is an honest representation of dating in 2018. Lol. Keep your head up. It will all happen for you in due time. Hang in there. Sorry about your mom, that’s an absolute nightmare. Hope she gets well.

  28. I’m so sorry about your mother and that you have to be going through all of this heartbreak at once, OP. You seem like a good man and don’t let your now EX make you lose sight of your value. You’ll find your true love one day. I wish you the best! <3

  29. This is so sad to read, some exes are terrible pieces of shit, it’s probably best to move on from it, sometimes it’s better to be single and open to someone new, than stuck and locked into a rough uncomfortable relationship. Wishing you’re able to recover from all of this, feel free to vent and express anything if you want, we are here to support you!!

  30. I’m super sorry to read all this! If you ever need to talk to someone or just rant, my messages are open!

  31. My condolences for everything you’re going through. You will be able to get past this. It might not seem like it, but you are stronger than that. Don’t let this girl take everything away from you. She showed who is really is and that isn’t someone you will end up with. The person who loves you the most, especially in times when you have nothing left.
    Sending all my hope to you, feel free to reach out with whatever you need.

  32. You have support here. I know it’s not as good as a girlfriend but random internet strangers have to be better than a girl like that.
    You are not alone.

  33. Sorry to hear this. Be strong my man… Go out and do some social activities as soon as you feel lonely. Meet some people.
    Where do you live?

  34. Ive gone through a similar scenario OP with my mother and a ex, she had advanced stages of breast cancer and when i found out i also simultaneously found out my ex was sleeping with her boss and i started to deal with chronic health condition that was also sending me to the hospital. The whole experience had me fucked up for several years if im being honest. In my experience its best to just leave, a clean break from her without a letter or any of the petty closure is best. I might not make sense too you but most people ive spoken too have always hated giving closure or confronting thier significant other after theyve gotten over the situation. Makes you feel worse after the fact. And you dont want that attached to your potential last memories of your mom with that whore. If i could go back in time and just drop her immediately with no explanation and keep how i felt to myself, i would, because she didnt deserve the effort of an explanation. Hope it somehow turns around for you OP, i really do, cause i got a second chance with my mom against the odds.
    And it will get better OP, ther be resentment and possibly hate, but there will be a point you look back and think how you could care about something so worthless like a dumb women/girl who is thristy for attention. Dont let the situation break a good man, let it be a situation where a great man rises and forges himself through the trials and tribulations of life.

  35. Okay first of all FUCK THAT BITCH. You got every right to mad about that. That was such a shitty thing to do and I’m sorry that happened to you, however it’s in the past. I know its hard but you can’t change what your ex did, so try to move on from it. Your mental health and the important process of mourning your mother is worth way more than that sorry excuse of a person. You deserve so much more.

    You know she’ll end up marrying some fat single dad loser guy. Girls like that can’t live on their own. Leaches. Just suck the life out of dudes. The guy she ends up with will be worn down until she’s bored with him and then she’ll start fucking some other guy. A shame we can’t warn them but that’s not your job. Your job is to get better. Be successful, stay or get in shape. Be the best person you can be. We all love you.

  36. Pretty dark dude. I am so sorry I know how bad it feels to have a loved one die. It is almost like you are breaking from the inside. Be strong, and enjoy the last moments with your mother.
    I can be a pretty vengeful person. So in your case I would probably plan some sort of revenge on that lady. Like obviously not physical. But some sort of public shaming, like something that would ensure everyone knows the type of shit she is. That she gets harassed out of all social media and publicly shunned in her neighborhood and work. I think I would enjoy that a bit in your situation, at least it would keep me entertained for a bit, focused on something and ready to move on.

  37. Like everybody said, fuck that bitch. Focus on yourself, grow. If you dwell on this, you lose. No one gives a shit about your feelings. We can empathize with you but we can never truly experience what you are experiencing.
    Move on and focus on yourself. Make her realize the mistake she’s made.

  38. after writing a letter explaining in detail
    Nah. She doesn’t deserve explanation. Honestly she deserves much worse fate, but lets not break laws here…It’s one of the few time where I think ghosting is totally acceptable. Just dump her, block here everywhere (don’t forget to take your personal items if she has any at her place). Cut her completely from your life.

  39. What a cruel heartless piece of work she is. She’s not worth your time, concentrate on your mum. I feel sad for you. Please don’t let this turn you from a good guy to something else.

  40. She is a selfish, vile human being. She deserves nothing. I’m sorry about your mom. You deserve better. She’ll reap what she sows, you’ll grow from this and find the love and happiness you deserve.

  41. Something that’s gotten me through tough breakup stuff is Frank Turner music. Recently “Get Better”, “Recovery”, “Substitute”, and a few others. Give it a listen. Sorry man… :/

  42. This is the saddest period of my life and I feel like she’s broken a good man.
    Maybe a good man dodged a ratchet ass skanky bullet.

  43. Hey man. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope you’re not going through it alone. DM me if you need someone to talk to. I’ll give you my number. Seriously. Hang in there.

  44. Excellent work looking into your girlfriends lies my man. If you ask me a lot of guys are far to trusting of their women. Sincerity is always subject to proof if you ask me, even if they don’t know you should always keep an eye on what they’re doing. It’s better than being blind sided like this.
    I’ve lived a solitary life for a long time. You get used to it. You’ll become near indestructible after a while.
    Life goes on.

  45. Sorry for your loss. I know how it’s like and I pray and hope you’ll make it through and come out stronger of all this. Be safe man.

  46. I’m sorry man.
    Then take some time to grieve, or just enjoy life. The last thing you need to do is worry about a cheating ex. Just move on.

  47. Hey, right now is an important time in your life. You need to spend it with your mom. She’s the important part right now.
    Give you girlfriend a call and tell her that it’s over, be the better man, and just end it with dignity. No name calling, no deep hurt feelings. She doesn’t deserve you being nice to her, but give it to her anyway. Trust me, in the future you will thank yourself for handling it in a calm way.
    If you need to get your feeling sour, write her a letter, but don’t send it. This will help.
    Your gf doesn’t deserve you right now, your mom does. Forget about the girlfriend, and focus on your mom.
    Here’s some prayers for ya buddy.

  48. Your ex is garbage. Walk away. as much as you want to write that letter you refer to, just leave it be. She knows what she did. Just tell her to get lost and don’t answer further questions. Spending time writing a big explanation on why yuo;t want to be with her is a waste of your time and gives her closure she doesn’t deserve.
    PS: awful about your mother. So sorry.

  49. A lot of women think only men can be pieces of shit – it can be from both sides.
    What a piece of work – you’re lucky. At least you didn’t marry her and find this out when you’re 60. Now you have time to really find the right person for you.

  50. What a piece of shit.. tell her in person. And wish bad juju on that hoe.

  51. As for your ex, shes a piece of trash. It might feel like you will never find someone now, but you will eventually meet someone else who will not show such disregard for your feelings. And even if you dont, you are better off alone than with someone capable of doing that to you.

  52. Hey man, I’m really sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Honestly the two situations you’ve described are pretty brutal by themselves, nevermind put together. Keep you head up, it sounds like you tried to do the best you possibly could in both.
    If you need to talk at all, please message me!

  53. I’m sorry to hear that, my friend. Maybe you should go speak to a professional? Or try to reach out to your local community, perhaps there’s a grievance group you could attend? Reddit can be a great place to get support also, as I said please feel free to message me if you need to chat.

  54. You should give your letter to her parents instead. Let them know the kind of shitty person their daughter is. And confront her in-person and just go off on her since you’re most likely never going to see her again and then drive away. She’s the epitome of “garbage human”.
    Anyways, this is a very unfortunate situation, but know this: your mom will not pass away alone because she still has you beside her.

  55. Wow, man that is heartbreaking what you had to go though. Leave that POS woman, she may have been nice to for a time, but inside she is a piece of trash. Soooo sorry about your mom. You deserve to be happy. I have one wish for you: one day you meet someone sooooo amazing that you think back to this woman and feel so glad that you guys broke up.

  56. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. My step father died on Friday, my mum phoned me in a panic the weekend before and I dropped everything to organize flights and entry into the US for us. Most of my life I haven’t been a great son but my mum needed me, I paid for flights, sorted out paper work, done everything she could need. Sat wth her at his bedside until he passed. Did all the family obligations over the next few days. Now stuck in the US until Friday cause it was crazy expensive to bring our departure forward.
    I simply could not imagine on top of that finding out my partner did not give a damn, didn’t offer any support and was cheating. I would be crushed no I would be destroyed.
    I know it doesn’t seem like it now but you are better off without this person in your life. I am truly sorry for everything you are going through.

  57. I cant believe what I just read honestly people can be so cruel. You should focus on your mom right now especially since you have been given a time limit for being with her. Your ex is not the type of person you should spend another second thinking of. There are good people in the world and all you can do is be one of them and give love. I’m sorry about your mpther:( I hope things get better for you. This is a lot to handle, but in regards to the relationship I know you will find someone worth it in the future.

  58. Just my opinion but I wouldn’t give her any closure at all man. Don’t say anything. Just block her number and every social media and tell your friends and family she cheated and she’s out of your life for good.
    It will be minutes before she’s freaking out wondering what happened, if you do decide to explain at that point, she’ll deny until you show definite proof, then she’ll admit, then break down and cry begging you to take her back, then when you don’t she’ll flip a switch and get angry and call you a POS and insult you.
    It’s like the lifecycle of cheating girls to go thru that when they get caught.
    If it’s any consolation this is absolute rock bottom and you will be a stronger person because of this.
    As a random internet stranger accept my internet hug and reach out if you need someone to talk to.

  59. Your now ex sounds like a real piece of shit. Lies about spending time with her ex with your mom on her death bed. That’s about as low as someone can get. If you can, I’d confront her face to face. That way you can really get your point across. From what you described, who knows if she’d even read your letter? I guess on the bright side, you never married her so you can just walk away. It’ll take time, but you’ll get over her. Cant make a hoe a housewife

  60. Dude this sucks all around. I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with a stressful time in your life and the one support person you thought you can rely on turned their back on you when you need them most. Shoot me a DM if you need someone to talk to and I’ll send you me cell phone number.

  61. You’re lucky you weren’t married to her or even worse had a kid with her.

    She will in the future get knocked up by some guy that doesn’t know her past. He’ll have to deal with her and the same thing will happen to him like it happened to you. She’ll just start fucking some guy out of the blue. She’ll disappear with the kid and some other guy will play dad for a little bit while the real dad wonders what happened.

    You can’t trust her. You lucked out in the end. I hope you find someone to help you through your mother’s death. I hope you have a real family again one day.

  62. Jfc this is depressing. He clearly doesn’t have many people who he can confide in now, seeing as he went through the trouble of creating a website to vent and mentioned that he has a “very small support group”.Obviously it’s one side of the story, but I can’t imagine any context in which her actions were justified. If he was abusive, the description of the incident would definitely be more vulgar and angry, but he just seems hopeless.I don’t usually give a shit about anything I read online, but this is just really sad. I hope this dude is ok.

  63. Horrifying. Ordinarily I’d find the airing of dirty laundry distasteful but public shaming amongst her peers is exactly what she deserves for a betrayal this self-centered and callous.

  64. What a fucked up bitch. On behalf of all women everywhere I would like to apologize. No one would be treated this way. She’s a selfish bitch that doesn’t understand basic human nature. You were so wronged by this whore. You did nothing wrong and ever need someone to talk to please email me at LucilleBall2020 at gmail dot com.

    I would love to just beat the shit out of this bitch. Fuck her!

  65. Wow your ex is an extra shitty piece of shit.

    I haven’t had the same experience as you but family drama/fights surrounding the death of member of an immediate family member, that I have experienced multiple times. I kept on thinking about the fucked up stuff that happened during or immediately after that persons passing. It certainly doesnt help with grieving.

    I realized I had to shift my perspective. Basically tell myself “isolate the happy/positive memories of them and not what happened during or after”. When a loved one passes their wish probably would have been not to dwell on the worst but focus on the best. It may take some time but I’m sure you’ll feel better in the near future.

  66. It’s nasty how women are taught to treat others in relationships. A lot of basic manners are ignored. No maturity. They just jump from one dick to another like it’s parkwhore.

    I blame the parents in cases like yours. She probably didn’t have a good same sex role model in her family growing up. Mother was probably unstable in relationships just like she is. Being as promiscuous as this means she’ll never be happy with just one guy. Next guy she dates she’ll get bored of in no time. She might even get married and when she does that won’t last long. She’ll get bored of that guy too and start sleeping around on him just like she did you. The shit hits the fan she’ll be out the door.

    I hate this happened to you. You deserve better. Like someone else said here you can’t make a whore a housewife.

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