Laurel Brittney Tallman cheated on me while my mother was dying in the hospital.

Edited recently due to a name change. Her name was formally Brittney Callahan.

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4 years after a bad breakup I finally found my next girlfriend. I’ve never been with anyone this amazing to me in my life. She’s cute, smart, and a very hard worker. She wants to do things with me that no other girl I’ve ever been with wanted to do like ride bikes in a different town every single weekend. She cooked with me and we never argued. We sat down one day and planned out-of-town trips for a weekend every month for the next several months. I already paid for everything and was looking forward to our trips together. I thought this one was going to be the one. I couldn’t imagine any other woman being the mother of my children.

After seeing each other for some time and having countless adventures together, my mom’s health started to decline. My mother was taken to the hospital when she collapsed in Goodwill (a thrift store) while shopping. They had given me a timeline of when they expect her to pass away.

The day my mom was admitted to the hospital I rushed from work to go see her. When I got there she said hey and then started to cough up a lot of blood. It was all over her hospital gown and face. This is not how you want to see your mother. I was quickly rushed out of the room by a nurse so they could work on my mom. In a panic and with the childhood death of my father fresh in my mind at this moment, I reached out to my girlfriend for someone to talk to. Her texts were short. The phone call was sent straight to voice mail. No worries. She’s busy. “She’s a social worker and they are always busy.” Is what I thought.

Over the next couple of weeks her not reciprocating any affection but still allowing me to buy her things, food, and work on her landscaping, the truth finally came out.

On Saturday I spent the entire day working in her yard. Laying border stones, digging up bushes, and planting things. The next day we were supposed to drive to a neighboring town with our bikes in tow to ride a rail trail we’d never ridden before. I asked if she wanted me to spend the night at her home or if she wanted to spend the night at mine so that we could head out early in the morning. She told me that she wanted to sleep in her own bed alone due to the amount lack of sleep she’s gotten that week. She also said that she was going to eat with her mom and her mom’s house that night and then go to bed at home. She would see me early at my house the next morning.

Sunday morning rolled around and she calls me. Told me the plans had changed. Said that she had to put all this out there at once and that she had been over at an ex-boyfriend’s house that lives over an hour away from her that night having a “beer”. This was the first time that she had been there in years and they were just catching up on old times. We weren’t going to be able to ride now because her car was vandalized.

In that audio clip, she is talking to her mom. Her mom asked if I knew she was seeing Tom and if we were both OK being “friends with benefits”. I did not know she was sleeping with Tom. She told me she only visited him to have a beer. She lied about that as well before she was forced to come clean that she went to his house. Remember she told me she was too tired to go anywhere that evening. Not too tired to drive almost an hour away to “have a beer”.

Below is the audio that was sent to me by someone she knew. It’s her talking about how she doesn’t have time to help me deal with my dying mother.

Brittney Laurel Helms Callahan's Car
Rear Of Brittney Callahan's Car
Brittney Callahan's Slashed Tire

In these pictures is her car in the ex-boyfriend’s driveway. Apparently, a jealous lover of his knew who she was and knew what they were doing in his house. She swears that they weren’t having sex. Even said that his kids were there and she wouldn’t if they were. I demanded that she have Tom call me but either he wouldn’t talk to me or she didn’t want to have him call me to confirm their relationship together.

Well fast forward a little bit. I had figured out that she’s been there 3 times at least in the past 7 days. She doesn’t realize that she has geolocation turned on and with the EXIF metadata in a selfie, she sent while I was texting her last Wednesday I was able to figure out that she was in his driveway. She was waiting for him because as soon as he got there she stopped texting for 2 and a half hours.

Another thing. This person that is attacking her also posted a nasty message pointing out her lover’s and her cheating behavior to her employer. This post was 6 hours before she was caught there while I was working with her in her yard. Funny how she hadn’t been there in years but this random person knew she was going there.

Stupid me didn’t piece all this together until that day. That day my mom flat-lined. They were able to resuscitate her. My girlfriend or now ex-girlfriend was once again AWOL.

Right then I need someone. I have a very small support group. My mom will be the last family member in this country I can talk to. In the end, it didn’t matter. I lost my mom and buried her alone. Brittney stole the mourning period I should have had for my mother. That is something I will carry with me until the day I die.

I lost what I had once thought was the love of my life and my mother around the same time.
This is the saddest period of my life and I feel like she’s broken a good man.
So now she has moved on. Gets to date her ex and have sex with him. Hang out and be loved by his family. While I got to go watch my mom die alone.

Let this be a warning to anyone who wants to date Brittney in the future. This is how she is. One day she’ll sit you down and talk you into paying for a bunch of trips together like you have some kind of future together. The next day she will just starts sleeping with another man without warning. I made the mistake of thinking she would be there for me through the worst time of my life. Date her at your own risk.

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